New Website? Top marketing experts know exactly how to spice it up to make it look more trustworthy and social proof so your demographic can find you.

Color palette

When you have complete creative control over the layout of your project, it might be tempting to make your pages stand out by utilizing a wide variety of vivid and arresting colors. On the other hand, this may make even the act of merely glancing at your website feel overwhelming.

Designers that are professionals understand how to restrict their color pallet to get the greatest possible effect. The use of color strategically may convey a great deal about your company. Your website may give off the impression that you are disorganized and unable to make a decision if it has an excessive number of colors and appears chaotic. Instead, choose a single dominant hue, in addition to an accent hue, and adhere to the neutrals.

Legible font

It is possible that adding a professional touch might involve adding fancy scripts or graphic letters. Yet, professionalism should not be confused with either complexity or expense. Even if you purchase a unique typeface and incorporate it into your website, this does not automatically make it a high-end product. Instead, prioritize legibility. No matter how much time and effort you invest into purchasing fancy typography for your website, it will be useless if your visitors are unable to read it. Always keep in mind that the primary function of your website is to provide users with access to information.

Search functionality

It doesn’t matter if your website only has one page or many; consumers still need to be able to navigate it easily. Visitors come to your website for a certain purpose, and if they are unable to get the information that they want, they are far more likely to leave than to continue searching. Because of this, having a straightforward navigation system is crucial. Users will be able to swiftly reach where they want and need to go if there is navigation that is simple and straightforward to use. If you also include a site search tool, it will be much easier for users to locate posts or pages anywhere on your website.


If you’ve ever tried to view a website on your mobile device and discovered that the text was unreadable because it was either too big or too small, then you already know how aggravating it is when a website is not optimized for mobile use. Your customers have the same sentiment, and it is quite probable that they will stop using your mobile website if it does not change to the size of their screen.

This is not a component that you want to miss because mobile search is now a key source of conversions, and responsiveness is a consideration in Google’s algorithm. When it came to creating a WordPress website mobile-friendly in the past, it was a challenge; but, these days, virtually any theme that’s worth its salt is ready to go.

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