Provider Social Proof can help boost the effectiveness of your marketing. Best marketing professionals help newer practices become social proof the right way.

Patient testimonials

People want to see a large number of favorable evaluations whenever they conduct a search for a service provider online. If you have a lot of reviews that are five stars, you’re definitely headed in the right direction, but you can’t just let them collect dust! Make use of these examples as testimonials in sponsored social media postings. If a certain doctor is given five stars in a review, you should post that rating together with a photo of that physician.

It’s important to remember that patient narratives may be just as persuasive as testimonials and reviews. You can engage with patients to build the story of the great experience they had at your office as long as you have permission to do so and as long as you do so while keeping HIPAA in mind. Patient experiences are often more personal and provide an insider’s perspective on surgeries and treatments, in contrast to internet evaluations, which are frequently anonymous.

Important announcements

People want to have a general idea of their physician’s personality before they even step foot in the physician’s office. Although the physician bios on your practice’s website are informative and useful, they seldom include any personal details and instead focus only on the individual’s credentials and experience.

When you introduce your team of physicians as well as any new physicians on social media, it gives them the opportunity to tell more about who they are. They can talk about why they chose to practice medicine with your medical organization as well as why they made the decision to become a doctor. Make sure you include some pictures! A headshot of exceptional quality will go a very long way with patients.

Educative content

You are free to announce new processes, techniques, and pieces of equipment. The redecoration of your waiting area or the launch of your brand-new location is equally deserving of being reported on. After all, you operate a healthcare center. In that case, why shouldn’t the interesting things that happen in the world count as health news?

Because your patients have already chosen you to look after their health, they put their faith in you to provide them with information, both within and outside of the examination room. Disseminate information that is relevant at the moment, such as data on the flu during flu season or instructions on how to use sunscreen properly as summer approaches. You can post articles and papers on Facebook and LinkedIn that are relevant to the procedures, therapies, and specializations offered at your clinic. If a doctor who works at your practice wrote the paper, you get extra credit for that.

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