Provider Social Proof helps businesses to gain the trust of their customers. There are different types of Provider Social Proof that you can use.

Customer reviews

There is a purpose behind why companies produce case studies that detail the achievements of their clients as a result of utilizing their product or service.  These reviews are experiences explaining the quality of the product or service. A testimonial generates positive feedback from genuine users, whether it takes the form of a customer review on the practice’s website, or a review on a website that is not associated with the company, a rating based on stars, or a full-fledged case study.

Business awards

While the experiences of previous customers are excellent Provider Social Proof, winning awards from third-party companies is another way to stand out from the competition. You can post mentions of those awards on your website, and also write a press release to announce them.


Listing your experience, education, and credentials will inspire trust for your prospective patients. Your clients will be interested in hearing about where you went to school, articles or books you have published, licenses, board certifications, and classes you have taught.

Social traffic

Traffic from social media may vary from practice to practice but is invariably a valuable source of leads for your business. Use social media, regularly, to promote your business and interact with followers who comment on posts. You can also do polls, ask questions, or ask them to submit photos, reviews, and opinions.

Hot endorsements

When a thought leader or influential member of your industry endorses your business or product, this is positive provider social proof. This might take the form of their blogging about their experience with the product, commenting about it on social media, being quoted about their experience, or being photographed using the product. In most cases, celebrity social proof takes the form of a celebrity endorsing a product in public or on social media after having used the product themselves. This type of social evidence has far more weight when the recommendation was provided free of charge.

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